A Season Begins # 78

I know I am early and IDGAF 😛 This top made me think of super comfy jammies and yeah what is more comfy then printed pj pants? UHH NOTHIN duh! LOL. While I detest being cold all the time, it does give one a reason to find a snuggle buddy.

So I am on the hunt for one – dont know if it will be 2 legged or 4.. time will tell I guess.

I sure hope I am on the nice list – even though I know I have a habit of being quite naughty 😛

This top is exclusively at the Boho Culture Fair, open until NOV 11th!


Maitreya Lara

Catwa Catya

Truth Makena (Oct Group Gift)

MoOH! Ilona Top @ Boho Culture Fair

+fcc+ Nicky #4 @ Gacha Good

[*K*] Color Watch – Red (bcf gift)

!!Follow Us!! Classic Christmas Tree Medium

+half deer+ Messy blanket/rug black

<K&S> Sitting Poses #2

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