Friends come from all places

It doesn’t matter where you are born,  your color, your race, your culture, your name. People are people. Nobody is born a discriminator of others . . .  it is something in today’s culture that is sadly taught. We need to realize we are all ONE PEOPLE. We live in ONE WORLD. We have ONE LIFE!

Humans need to take heed to the animal world sometimes. The strangest animals – sometimes sworn enemies – become best friends . SO even if someone doesn’t like someone else… who cares a friend is a friend.

Unlikely Friends 2048x1072.jpg



.tm. Creation [The Shelter] Garden Scene  @ SaNaRae September

Jian Red Fox Collection

Jian Grey Wolf Collection

[ keke ] fall maple leaves

Fundati Pine Trees 2.0

Little Branch Weeping Honey Tree – 4 Season

[we’re CLOSED] grass field LUSH


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