I am a Caged Bird #89

Caged Bird By Maya Angelou

A free bird leaps on the back of the wind

and floats downstream till the current ends

and dips his wing in the orange sun rays

and dares to claim the sky.

But a bird that stalks down his narrow cage

can seldom see through his bars of rage

his wings are clipped and his feet are tied

so he opens his throat to sing.

The caged bird sings  with a fearful trill

of things unknown but longed for still

and his tune is heard on the distant hill

for the caged bird sings of freedom.

The free bird thinks of another breeze

and the trade winds soft through the sighing trees

and the fat worms waiting on a dawn bright lawn

and he names the sky his own

But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams

his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream

his wings are clipped and his feet are tied

so he opens his throat to sing.

The caged bird sings with a fearful trill

of things unknown but longed for still

and his tune is heard on the distant hill

for the caged bird sings of freedom.

At times like these I feel like a caged bird.

No music in my voice, no song in my life.

Just a blank emptiness of longing for a

freedom that seems ever out of reach.

Will somebody please,

make me feel alive,

shatter me,

open the cage





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It’s 2 AM #88


It’s 2 A.M. and I am up again.

Somewhere, somehow this has gotta give

I need some z’s,

some REM sleep,

Give me some dreams and memories

Please Mr. Sandman stop these games

for without much sleep

I think I am going insane


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Porn Star Dancen #84

The flicker of the neon beckons her

like a moth to the flame

she is always craving the attention

the feel of the cool steel upon her legs

round she swings,

climbing up and down

she has all eyes on her now

the music makes her bend and twist

performing her own gymnastics

she is the best at this

porn star dancen


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Bound to You #82

I am bound to you, my heart and soul you hold my world.

Never did I ever feel I would fall so completely,

give myself so vulnerably!

You have all of me – in every way possible.

Thank You for saving ME!

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Get a Clue #81

She gathered her thoughts, took a deep breath in and waited her time.

Climbing up from her sitting position on the bathroom floor she grabbed

the small plastic stick, the answer here would determine the next steps in

her life. Closing her eyes she inhaled deeply one more time before looking

at the results. Instantly her eyes filled with tears.

She was expecting….

Now how to tell HIM!

She began planning how she would let her man know. He had always said he wanted kids but she did not know if he would be happy with it happening this quickly. She’d make him do a scavenger hunt to get the news in a playful way!

Clue 1 – I am the most comfy place to sleep

Clue 2 – This wet place is a place to play  and relax a hard day away

Clue 3 – This is the start or a get-away  VROOM VROOM

Final Message:

It is time to trade in this sports car.

A new ride has begun

The ride of our lives

We are going to be



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