I’m here for the party

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Glitter everywhere, ringing in the new year with champagne and friends,                what more could you want?

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Basic Info
Eyes // Euphorie – Pear Eyes – Catwa (Gift on MP)
Hair // TRUTH VIP Gift December – Joy
Eyeshadow // Spicy Glitter eyeshadows @ The Makeover Room December
Dress // [WellMade] Courtney Gown

Champagne Bottle & Glass (held) // {Flair ‘n’ Style} New Year Champagne Set
Pose // {Flair ‘n’ Style} New Year Champagne Stand
Cart 1 // dust bunny . happy hour tray (left of avatar)
Cart 2 // MudHoney Taryn Bar Cart (right of avatar)
Champagne Tower // MOoH! Champagne tower gold ( Prev Gacha Life item)
Drink Shaker // MudHoney Drink Shaker (from Taryn Set)
Bottle 1 // MudHoney Wine Bottle (from Taryn Set)
Bottle 2// MudHoney Vodka Bottle (from Taryn Set)
Curtains // Astralia Ribbons Curtain @ n21 December
Stars // floorplan. hanging stars @ n21 December

Hi there, Holiday Time






Basic Info

Dress – Vinyl Chocolate Coat – No Color

Hair – Stealthic – Ivy

Drink – Flair’N’Style Beer Glass

Tree – Bee Designs Christmas tree 2- adult

Pose – Zombie Suicide – Bev Bento Poses @Saturday Sale 

(4 animated, 4 static + mirrors)

Frozen Paradise Found

As the sun sets on the ending of a glorious chilled day, the rays lazily caress the trees. I come upon a tiny shack, with a warm fire and the smell of food floating in the air. The snow begins to fall softly to remind me to take a moment to pause. With all the hustle and bustle of the season, a moment in this chill, serene postcard world is refreshing. 

I have found a winter, frozen paradise that has nothing to do with gifts, lights, decorations, or holidays – just the simplicity of the changing of the seasons. May the snow always be crisp and bright.



Scene  – [Circa] “Great North” Ice Fishing Set @ The Boardwalk Event

Snow People –MOoH! Snow scene gacha (TWE12VE Nov 2017)


Look Beyond

You have to take time to see things for more then what they seem to be. If you simply take things at face value, you will never find, or solve, the mysteries.


The mysteries of yesterday; the mysteries of our future. The mysteries and knowledge our ancestors held. So often, too often; we rush from one thing to the next  get bored and onto yet something else. What happened to the time when we took time to understand the world around us, without instant everything.

Imagckica Creations – Witching Hour

As we near All Hallows Eve, the veil between the worlds of the living , the dead, and the mysteries thins. Now is the best time of year to look beyond yourself, beyond what is in front of you. Do not be afraid to ask the universe, the energy around us to help you see… beyond  the mundane. Scry, do divination, read tea leaves; do what it is that will help you find the answers to how the next year for you should or should not proceed.

look beyond_006.png
Imagicka Creations – Halloween Holiday

Take heed however, regardless of what we may believe we all have the power to change our destiny by the choices we make.




This cute crystal pendulum from Zombie Suicide is available @ Trick Or Treat Lane 2018 and comes with a HUD to change the crystals and the drop crystal separately so it can fit any decor.

The shelves and witches broom are from Imagicka Creations and can be found at The Mad Circus

The blood wine glass is actually a tip jar from Khargo, super cute to use as intended or as decor with a amazing land impact of only 2. Get it at Gacha Life before its gone!!!


Trompe Loeil – Raleigh Table Round Brown + Cloth

new cursiveMelantha Halloween Table Ultra Rare at Gacha Life

new cursiveKhargo vampire glass tip jar at Gacha Life

new cursive:Zombie.Suicide: Pendulum Holder at Trick Or Treat Lane 2018

new cursiveImagicka Creations The Witching Hour Holiday Shelf at The Mad Circus

new cursiveImagicka Creations Halloween Holiday Shelf at The Mad Circus

new cursiveImagicka Creations Broomstick Add On at The Mad Circus

new cursiveRefuge – Pumpkin Candy Dish Gold at Salem (Prism Events)

new cursivedust bunny . wiccan artistry . bowl of crystals at The Epiphany Oct 2018

new cursivedust bunny . wiccan artistry . smudge sticks at The Epiphany Oct 2018

new cursivedust bunny . wiccan artistry . moon candle at The Epiphany Oct 2018

new cursivedust bunny . wiccan artistry . crystal ball at The Epiphany Oct 2018

new cursiveGranola. Esther’s Tarot Cards. Dark. at Salem (Prism Events)


Black Magick



I got a black magic woman, Got me so blind I can’t see
That she’s a black magic woman, She’s tryin’ to make a devil out of me
Don’t turn your back on me baby, Don’t turn your back on me baby
Stop messin’ round with your tricks . . . You just might pick up my magic sticks
Yes you got your spell on me baby . .  Turning my heart into stone
I need you so bad – magic woman; I can’t leave you alone




After days and days of trying to get into Black Fair I finally made it to get the cute tapestry from [QE].

The dress from 1313 Mockingbird Lane has options to wear with and without the straps, and color change red or black available at Black Fair.

I have to say, I am slowly becoming a fan of SL Ink, and once I saw this gorgeous tatt by Identity Body shop @ The Black Fair I was in love! I love the faded version and the detail is awesome.


The nails are STUNNING! One of 2 sets currently being offered by Dark Passions at The Black Fair. Time is running out, grab these before October 19th!


These rough crystal drop earrings from Zombie Suicide are so cute and right up my alley. They can be for spooky, magical, witchy themes or bohemian gypsy, summer time carefree looks. They are available at GachaLand. There are 12 common and 3 rares to collect. After 20 plays you get an adorable mouth fishie. The mouth fishie is exclusive to the event and WILL NOT be available in the mainstore after the GachaLand round ends on Halloween, October 31. So get it now . . . Soooo Cute.

The prop and pose Sorceress from Image Essentials features 6 bento poses for all your magical brewing and spell casting desires, available @ TWE12VE .


Basic Info
Hair – #Foxy Fallen Hair @ Salem
new cursiveEyes – Avi Glam Sinister Eyes – Beast @ The Dark Style Fair
new cursiveNails- Dark Passions – Wicked & Bound @ Black Fair

new cursiveNecklace – TLB Ooze Necklace @ Black Fair
new cursiveEarrings – Zombie Suicide Drop Crystal Earring Gacha – Blue Mix – RARE @ GACHALAND
new cursiveLipstick – Xxxtasi Vampire Kisses
Eye Shadow – Alma Michaela
new cursive Dress – 1313 Mockingbird Lane – Kimberly Dress @ Black Fair
new cursiveTattoo- Identity Body Shop – Countess Desire @ Black Fair

new cursivePose/ Prop – Image Essentials – The Sorceress @ TWE12VE
new cursiveTapestry (L) – [QE Home] Hanging Tapestry -Black Magic- @ Black Fair
new cursiveTapestry (R) – {zfg} home – pentacle tapestry @ Mad Circus 4
new cursivePotion Bottle – {Flair ‘n’ Style} Poison Bottle (Rezz)
Blood Bag – *Tentacio* blood bag @ FLF
Cats – KITE – Mini Rawrs – Sleeping COMMON

Winter Games # 79

Snow falling gently onto the rolling hills and majestic pines surrounding the newly frozen pond. I breathe in the crisp wintry air and sigh thinking inwardly ‘This is what peace feels like’.

I absolutely adore the crispness on winter, the fresh crunch of new snow beneath my feet, the serenity I feel just watching the snow float aimlessly to cover our world in white. If only it wasn’t COLD!

This Gacha is absolutely adorable and put me right into the winter mood! MoOH! definitely did their homework with this set, it features a hot chocolate stand, snow people, penguins, a snowy fence, ice rink/pond, a burning barrel (gotta warm back up), a snowy bench, snowy sled, and a snowy woodpile! It is available at TWE12VE from November 12 – 30.


Each pull is ONLY L$50!!



A Season Begins # 78

I know I am early and IDGAF 😛 This top made me think of super comfy jammies and yeah what is more comfy then printed pj pants? UHH NOTHIN duh! LOL. While I detest being cold all the time, it does give one a reason to find a snuggle buddy.

So I am on the hunt for one – dont know if it will be 2 legged or 4.. time will tell I guess.

I sure hope I am on the nice list – even though I know I have a habit of being quite naughty 😛

This top is exclusively at the Boho Culture Fair, open until NOV 11th!


Maitreya Lara

Catwa Catya

Truth Makena (Oct Group Gift)

MoOH! Ilona Top @ Boho Culture Fair

+fcc+ Nicky #4 @ Gacha Good

[*K*] Color Watch – Red (bcf gift)

!!Follow Us!! Classic Christmas Tree Medium

+half deer+ Messy blanket/rug black

<K&S> Sitting Poses #2

Waiting for Beetlejuice #71

Beetlejuice . . .

            BeetleJUICE . . .


Where is my Beetlejuice! *Giggles* Everyone has a favorite season or holiday. While I enjoy celebrating throughout the year I think fall and Halloween is my favorite time of year. YES, even over my birthday and the winter holidays!! I love the ability to openly be creative with my outfit, makeup, accents – you name it. . . I go ALL OUT! I guess it helps my mother was reading Stephen King to me in-utero. *shrugs*

I’ve no clear where my love of the season sprouted, especially with how my brother terrified me with the Chuckie series at the tender age of 4! None-the-less.. .  This outfit by +Facepalm+ totally reminded me of Bettlejuice’s jacket hence the title and random muttering of all things Halloween.  It is available as an EXCLUSIVE at the MAD CIRCUS hunt by Evil Bunny, get it before its gone!  The location for this shoot was Hunni Juice Lounge, my sister and I decorated for Halloween very early 😛

The sludge by Zombie Suicide is absolutely freaking adorable. I will be wearing it throughout the month. It contains several options including a white *cough* tint-able version.


+fcc+ Mrs Grey ***MAD CIRCUS EXCLUSIVE*** ( Mad Circus is hosted by Evil Bunny )
Renegade Isobel
Punch Nose Ring
Mina Luisa Black

:Z.S: Sludge @ Ironwood (October 1 – 31  )

:DH: Halloween Tree

[MF] Crane & Skeleton pile
FLECHA mesh skull [high detailed version]

Windlight : CBs Rouge 5

Double the Irish Means Double the Fun

Being part Irish makes me appreciate Saint Patrick’s Day

a little more then the average person I think.

My sister Angel is the same way and we love to play dress up. Super cute or super sexy, well I think I will let you decide that.

We are DOUBLE the pleasure & DOUBLE the fun – think you can take us On? 







↝  C r e d i t s  ↜


Necklace – **RE** ReVoX BloodHeart Necklace RLV v2.0 – Female

Hair – =DeLa*= Fitted Mesh Hair “Iris” Reds

Bracelet: Cae :: Engraved :: Bracelet :: Sister (R)

Eyes – IKON Triumph Eyes – Starfall

Body/Feet – Maitreya

Skin – GA.EG Kirsten Body Skins

Tattoo – Toax Bitchy

Hands – Vista Prohand

Head – [GA.EG] Barbara Bento

Rings – l&e Boho rings – SIlver (Vista Bento Hands)

Outfit – *CK* His St. Patrick Girl


Hair – Truth Karlie – Variety

Eyes – Ikon Soverign Eyes – Emerald

Body- Maitreya Lara

Head – Catwa Jessica Upgradable

Skin – WoW Skins – Preziosa Tan

Hands- Slink AvEnhance Dynamic Multipack

Outfit – *CK* If Youll Get Luck


Pool Table- BN inc. – Lucky Shot pool table [Direct sit type 2]

Wall Decor- :DH: St. Patrick’s Day Decor

Water Cooler- GCD – Mesh Water Cooler (V1.2)

Beer – MadPea Bow Bells Boozer – Kianaken Beer Set  (Gacha)

Deer Head- [RA] Deer Head Trophy

Pose- [DB]Poses- girls just want to have fun1

♥ Stupid Cupid ♥

Stupid cupid has struck yet again. It is that time of year where romance lingers in the air, every commercial if about kissing and couples and blah blah! Yeah, so maybe some of us are a bit salty. Not everyone lives a Hallmark or Kay Jewelers romance. BLAH! I will say it again.  I was feeling melancholy and did not think things would turn around for this diva. I tend to leave a blazing trail behind me – exes are exes for a reason ladies.

Apparently Cupid thought I was due for another shot! Ready or not, he took his aim…. drew his bow against the arrow . . .  lined it up  once, twice, three times for accuracy and he let the heart tipped arrow fly! Straight into this anti-valentine chicka! Well bow that must have been dipped in some good love sauce because my mood changed dramatically! All of a sudden I wanted attention and pink -red- white decorations everywhere. SO what does a gal do when she is needy? RETAIL THERAPY! So yeah yeah I was late to the Linden Lab  Shop Your Heart Out event, but I made it there anyways.

I was so flabbergasted at the amazingness of all the designers. There was guy stuff, hair, skins, clothes, decorations… everything a valentines aficionado could ask for.

This was the result of many visits to that sim. I would get something realize I forgot something else and headed back. Definitely my guilty pleasure this week.

♣ ♥ C R E D I T S  ♥ ♣

Budoir ~Valentine Boudoir PG {MP} {LM}
MG – Neon Heart – White {MP} {LM}
+Half-Deer+ Heart Fairylight Balloons – Dark – Group {MP} {LM}

Custom iNKZ~Be My Valentine~ Pose Chair {MP} {LM}
(turned transparent but used posse #10)

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body {MP} {LM}
Catwa Jessica Head {MP} {LM}
Slink Hands -Female {MP} {LM}
.::WoW Skins::. 2016 Erica Tan {MP} {LM}
IKON Promise Eyes – Paradise {MP} {LM}
Amacci Physics Layers  – Free {MP} {LM}
Mina Hair – Indica  {MP} {LM}
erratic / allure – satin robe / ivory (maitreya)  {MP} {LM}
erratic / valentina – lingerie / noir SET (maitreya)  {MP} {LM}
:: Trust Oh :: Vivien Choker Mesh  {MP}