Death’s Embrace

Smoldering, pining away since you left

I am nothing of who I once was, nor who I was meant to become

When you left, when death took you

Most of who I was , was now long gone

I crave to hold you in my arms, just once more

through the thinning of the veil,

My love, mi amor

Please return to me when the world thins,

I need to hold you, embrace you

for if I don’t . . .

death will win

Death will take me as his own

because without you ,

I am all alone

For even in your absence, in your death

I now hold my breath,

through death,

for one last kiss . . .

I wait for Death’s Embrace.



Basic Info 

Hair –  Sintiklia – Amara – Naturals @ Hairfair ( ends 10/7/18)

Top – Wellmade Faith Top

Bottom – Blueberry Ela Shorts

Eyeshadow – VEECHI Vivid Distress Shadow @ FLF 10/5/18

Lipstick – [POUT] Toxic Spill Black Lipstick

Nails – Dark Passions || Grave Digger Nails @ The Dark Style Fair (10/1 -10/31)

Nose Piercing – Slack Girl – Nose Piercing Black – The Chapter Four Gift May 2017

Pose/Prop – Le Poppycock || *Necromantic* Mad Hungering @ Pose Fair

Backdrop – *PL* backdrop #11 @ Backdrop City




Queens Don’t #143

Queens don’t hate, queens don’t fight
Queens don’t stay unless their king treats her right, oh

queens dont_004.png
Every jewel on my crown, you better believe I earned it
Won’t keep people around that don’t believe I deserve it
No, queens ain’t fake

A queen’s gonna rule just the way she was made, oh
I ain’t ’bout to let nobody come and take me off this throne

Some girls might, but  queens don’t

♫  ♪ Music ♫ ♪

queens dont_003.png



Basic Info                                                                                                                                            Outfit [WellMade] Pietra Outfit
Hair – BESOM Ocean Essentials
Nails – PS Gifted Nails @ TWE12VE September

Decorative Crowns
Arm – Dreaming Thicket Ladies Crowns Gacha – Viscountess
Chair- [pIRA] Crown 01
Foot – L Course Crown 2

Curtains – .:UR:. Extra Long Drapes
Chair/Pose – *EverGlow* – Baroque Chair

The Night Thing #131


As the sun slowly fades from view, the time for His return beckons

Such a good girl she is, without a question, she knows what is expected

Nearly clad in chains and bits of silk, she positions herself in front of the window

Allowing him to look in on her, blindfolded she has no sight of Him

But she senses Him, Smells Him, Feels Him

Tonight she surrenders to the night thing





Head – Catwa Catya
Hair – Stealthic – Paradox B&W
Skin – Pink Fuel Sabine Hazel (curvy body applier)
Shape – {Elle et Lui} Ingrid Shape
Outfit – SCANDALIZE. Nicole. Black
Shoes – KC Rhea Heels
Blindfold – Grumble – Pearl Blindfold – Bitch @ The Gacha Life


Pose – Zombie Suicide Submissive Pose 2
Rug – :*BABY*: Heart Rug – Purple
Building – Maya’s Cristine Huge House


Written in the Sand #124


Memories drifting through my minds eye; washing over me through time

like the waves coming and going against the beach; the memories call to me

The softness of your touch, the smell of your skin, the silkiness of your hair

When I dream of you, the world stands still

Even if you are the one that got away,

our memories will forever and always

be written in the sand



Head – Catwa Catya
Hair – TRUTH VIP Yuko
Eyes – Newclan Serenity Eyes
Skin – Glam Affair Renee Jamaica
Outfit – [WellMade] Riley Bodysuit @ Designer Showcase August 5th ~ 31st 

Plants – .:Tm:. Creation [Love You] Beach scene @ The Avenue Aug 1-22


Where are the real ones at? #111

It is never easy when you feel that everything you held precious is fading into the world. There have been significant upsets in my life and world over the last two weeks and it is effecting me more than I can truly express.


When someone reaches what they feel is rock bottom, yet still have the strength to reach out, LISTEN! You could be their last hope. The “real ones” have you no matter how high or low you are; whether you are doing as good as or better than they are; the ones that are happy for your happiness despite their own reservations. The real ones apologize to save the relationship even when they feel they did not do wrong.


Can you look me in the eye and say you been a real one? That a new love interest or hobby didn’t take you away or make me less important? Did you know how not talking hurt? Did you know space was given to let you find yourself, even though I was treated as criminal? I’ve tried to be a real one for you – but I guess you don’t always get what you give.


It is so hard to realize that both our masks are falling off and neither likes what they see. I guess even real ones have secrets they try to keep.


So often people try to be who they are and they get judged. It doesn’t matter how true or loyal or honest, people judge.Be true to who you are!


In honor of PRIDE I chose the rainbow option on my dress from 1313 Mockingbird Lane available at the Rewind Summer Love event beginning June 15. It features tons of options for texturing for the sleeves, dress, fringe, lacing. You can mix and matcch to your hearts content. I also chose a PRIDE nail applier from alaskametro because it was so adorable I just love the colors… there are SO SO many options to choose from.



Eyes| Zombie Suicide Eastern Eyes

Head|Catwa Catya

Skin| Glam Affair Renee Jamaica

Hair | Stealthic Somber Reds

Ears| Swallow Noldorf Elf Ears

Shape| Facepalm Sugar Shape (catya/maitreya) @ Jersey Shore

Dress|1313 Mockingbird Lane Wake Me Up Dress @ Rewind (opens 6/15)

Nails|alaskametro “Pride” Nail Art appliers

Eye-shadow| Zombie Suicide KC Eyeshadows


|||Scene Info |||

Pose| Foxcity Stairs (sitting) Fatpack Exclusive

Dream catcher| ariskea Gypsy Soul Dreamcatcher Feathers

Vanity| Bazar Floria Vanity

Clutter|soy. cosmetic decor


I hear the Church Bells #110

It was finally enough, this was the last time he would lay his hands on her.


Sitting in church she listened to the bells and prayed, slowly the plan came to her as if thru a higher power. She would be rid of the abuse and have a clear conscience in doing so.


Do you hear the church bells ringing?


Domestic violence affects many people from all walks of life. Please do not believe, this is the “last” time, because there is ALWAYS a next time and that next time could kill you! Please, If you or someone you know is in danger of abuse from their partner, significant other, etc please reach out at the National Domestic Violence Hotline or call




Head: Catwa Catya

Skin: Glam Affair Renee Jamaica

Eyes: Zombie Suicide Eastern Eyes @ Anybody May 2018

Eye makeup: Izzie’s Bruised Eyes

Choke Marks: Avada~ Choked Tattoo

Hair: Truth Opal

Ears: Mandala Steking Ears Season 5

Dress: *1313* Mockingbird Lane Roquelaure Dress – Red  @ Saturday Sale (L$75)

Shoes: KC Rhea Heels

Backdrop: GOOSE – Old bell tower facade @ Hello Tuesday

Trees: The Little Branch Weeping Honey Tree @ Hello Tuesday

Nails:  Alaskametro Classic/Shimmer

Pose: Image Essentials Fired Up


To love a Stranger #94


You were nothing of what you promised to be

You said you were fresh air, that you would be my saving grace

That I could heal you, and you would heal me

In the end you were not what you promised

Nothing like you claimed


Instead of building me

you were the single thing

responsible for finally

breaking me


Guess that is what it means

to love a stranger


These eyes and necklace are from Zombie Suicide for POCKET GACHA. This amazing gacha you can play ANYWHERE, no more lag to grab what ya want. More information on Pocket Gacha here.


My lippy from [Pout] is one of the dollarbies on marketplace. SO cute!


Hair~ Truth Elira Variety
Eyes~ Z.S Lynn Gacha Catwa Eyes #1 Rare (pocket gacha)
Cosmetics~  [POUT] Crybaby Mascara  & Toxic Spill Lipstick
Necklace~ Z.S Lynn Gacha Moon Necklace Red
Rings~ *elise* Margherita BENTO


Outfit~ +fcc+ Undercover Sunday Hearts
Pose~ Image Essentials Sweet Nothings
Rain~ Milk Motion Rain and Ripples (Previous event item)