Esmeralda – A gypsy with Heart

esmerelda_012-main.png A lavender and blush painted sky , a gentle jingle of a tambourine,  the smell of the salted ocean upon a gentle breeze. These are the things that free me. These things set my soul ablaze and recharge my batteries. Connect with the world around you, run your feet or fingers thru the grass.  It okay to take a moment to inhale the good, exhale the bad.

Take time, to take time! For that moment you just let pass, you can never get back.

I absolutely adore the boho/ gypsy feeling this outfit gave me, so when I saw Image Essentials had put out a Tambourine pose set, I HAD to complete this look and relive Hunchback of Notre Dame, at least for a moment.

Esmerelda Eyes

These eyes from Zombie Suicide are so cute, they are at the Magik Event and have these adorable Lightning Bolts over the pupil – Yes PotterHead Proud  right here 😛 The have appliers to use with Catwa, Lelutka & Omega compatible eyes. They also include mesh eyes with their own HUD to choose color. 6 Options included.

Get them before the Magik ends!

Esmerelda Nails and eyes

These simple yet seasonal nails are available from Dark Passions at Trick or Treat Lane.  I adore how sweet this shape from Facet Shapes is,  young looking but not overdone.

Did I mention I categorically adore Halloween and fall?! -squeels-


Trick Or Treat Lane - Poster 2018.png





Blueberry Bette Dress Shirt – Purple


Blueberry Catrine Maxi Boho Skirt – Purple

Shape –

Facet Shapes – Greta Shape (Catwa Catya) @ WomenStuff Hunt

Eyes –

Zombie Suicide – Magik Eyes @ Magik Event


Magika Which Witch 01

Nails –

Dark Passions – Webbed Chevrons @ Trick or Treat Lane


Cae – Arden Collection

Pose –

Image Essentials – Tambourine

Landscaping –

.:Tm:. Creation – The Rock Scene @ Dubai October

All Dogs go to Heaven

Not one, not two

nor three or four . .  .

with tails and paws

and a heart of gold

All dogs go to heaven

big and small

fierce or friendly

heaven collects them all

so when they cross the rainbow bridge,

don’t forget the love they get,

because all dogs go to heaven




Scene – .:tm:. creation The Abandoned Scene @ The Secret Affair

Animals –  JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 14. Sleepy Adult

JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 13. Sleepy Pup

+Half-Deer+ Beagle Puppy – Slumber Party

Friends come from all places

It doesn’t matter where you are born,  your color, your race, your culture, your name. People are people. Nobody is born a discriminator of others . . .  it is something in today’s culture that is sadly taught. We need to realize we are all ONE PEOPLE. We live in ONE WORLD. We have ONE LIFE!

Humans need to take heed to the animal world sometimes. The strangest animals – sometimes sworn enemies – become best friends . SO even if someone doesn’t like someone else… who cares a friend is a friend.

Unlikely Friends 2048x1072.jpg



.tm. Creation [The Shelter] Garden Scene  @ SaNaRae September

Jian Red Fox Collection

Jian Grey Wolf Collection

[ keke ] fall maple leaves

Fundati Pine Trees 2.0

Little Branch Weeping Honey Tree – 4 Season

[we’re CLOSED] grass field LUSH

This mess #139

My inventory grows exponentially each day,

never throwing anything away,

what should go and what should stay ,

given to friends or charity,

I don’t need to end up on a hoarders show,

or what the other one, yes Obsessed,

although I admit this inventory

is quite the mess

left or right, day or night . . .

never ending it seems

maybe I do need, just a bit of help

to finally clean . .

clean up this mess.


this-mess-3This-mess-Face-n-hairZS Succulent Gacha


Basic Info (rarely changes)
Hair – .EscalateD. Acacia @ TWE12VE September 2018
Lipstick – GO! Makeup Smash Lip #04 @ TWE12VE September 2018
Top – [WellMade] Maddi Sweater
Skirt – MOoH! Tia flare Skirt


Bed – .tm. Creation [Desire] Sofa Bed @ SWANK September 2018
Dressers – {what next} Amelie Chest of Drawers
Side Tables – {what next} Amelie Side Table
Shelving – +Half-Deer+ Chroma Glass Shelf – Glass*Gold
Framed Prints – .ah. Inspire Print & .ah. Tested Print
Pose – HERA Candy Bento Pose #2 @ Equal 10 September 2018
Windlight – Places Greed2
Shelf Decor – Zombie Suicide Succulents Gacha @ Imaginarium September 2018
Flowers on Dresser – Apple Fall Wild Thistles
Flowers on Side Table – Apple Fall Lilies (Stargazer)
Planner on Side Table – #Foxy Inspiration Journal – Gratitude
Books on Tall Dresser – Apple Fall Book Pile 3
Handbags on Bed – SHEY Kentucky Handbag
Towels on Bed – Second Spaces – Laundry Day – dirty towels
Kitty on Bed – +Half-Deer+ Merkitty – Lounging (Lilac)

It Beckons Me . . . #136

The darkness within the light,

The fading from day to night

In a forest far away, the rhythm of the swing

beckons me

It calls me, lures me into nothignness

the void is dark and light

everything it is

it beckons me

calling me_005.png



Swing – .:Tm:. Creation [The Whiteness] Hanging Sofa @ The Trunk Show  (Closes Sep 18)

Lights- MOoH! Frog Prince Gacha @ Enchantment 


A View from Heaven #130

We have all have someone we have loved and lost, due to illness, age or accident.

We all wish for just five more minutes. Grandma, Grandpa, Joshie . . . come swing with me and give me five more minutes.




.:Tm:. Creation GP13 The Wheelbarrow

.:Tm:. Creation GM15 The Cascading Rocks & Plants

.:Tm:. Creation Swing With Me with Wooden Porch

Written in the Sand #124


Memories drifting through my minds eye; washing over me through time

like the waves coming and going against the beach; the memories call to me

The softness of your touch, the smell of your skin, the silkiness of your hair

When I dream of you, the world stands still

Even if you are the one that got away,

our memories will forever and always

be written in the sand



Head – Catwa Catya
Hair – TRUTH VIP Yuko
Eyes – Newclan Serenity Eyes
Skin – Glam Affair Renee Jamaica
Outfit – [WellMade] Riley Bodysuit @ Designer Showcase August 5th ~ 31st 

Plants – .:Tm:. Creation [Love You] Beach scene @ The Avenue Aug 1-22


Playing in the Sand #121


This sand castle is stunning, it has both Adult & PG options and is LOADED with a TON of animations for single male, single female, bento, and couples. Head on down to SaNaRae to grab it before it is gone. Just in time to end summer with a splash.


Head – Catwa Catya
Hair – Truth Scout
Eyes – New Clan Serenity Eyes
Lashes – BESOM Sweetheart Lashes
Ears – Swallow Noldor Elf Ears
Skin – Glam Affair Renee
Outfit – Mon Cheri Vegas Bikini Teal
Piercings – PUNCH Darling Hips
Sandcastle – .:Tm Creation:. 524 The SandCastle @SaNaRae
Location – Footprints in the Sand

Adulting is . . . #119

Adulting is a drag. Adulting is boring. Adulting is . . . BS!


This adorable gacha from Zombie Suicide is part of Pocket Gacha for June. It features a multitude of things to collect. The pillows are so cute and super soft. The coffee cups are hilarious. My favorite is of course the “Adulting” themed one. *winks* There is even the opportunity to grab 3 RARE BENTO POSES. She did such an amazing job on this gacha. My favorite pillow by far is the PAGAN one.

  • Get the gacha HUD here


The bed by Tm Creation comes in both ADULT and PG options. I love the nautical / beachy feel to this bed. The shells are just ornate enough to capture that island time lifestyle. Perfect for any little….or BIG.. merpeople in your life.

The outfit from MOoH! is super cute and July’s GROUP GIFT. It features Track Pants, Top, and Panties (not shown). As always, a Color/Texture HUD is included. It was a day paying bills and getting stuff done, no time to doll up, so I grabbed the most comfortable thing in my closet and was ready to go in no time at all. You can definitely mix and match the top with other things to create a different look. Give it a go, with MOoH! You will never be disappointed!

zs Tired gacha pic.png


Head ~ Catwa Catya
Hair ~ Phoenix Siarra Group Gift
Eyes ~ Izzie’s Winter Eyes Fantasy
Skin ~ Glam Affair Renee Jamaica
Lashes ~ BESOM Sweetheart Lashes
Lipstick ~ LIVIA Jocelyn Lipstick
Ears ~ ^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears
Outfit ~ MOoH! April Outfit


Coffee Mug & Pillows ~ Zombie Suicide Tired Gacha @ Pocket Gacha
Bed ~ .:Tm:. Creation [The Shells] Beach Bed
Planner ~ .peaches. Mon Desir Planner – Group Gift
Baskets ~ Tranquil Homes (part of manor farmhouse decor)
Handbag ~ Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf
Wall Decor ~ ChiMia:: Live Life Poster / [Brixley] framed poster – unicorn / :BoWillow: Gacha Gardens Gift – Stay Wild Moon Child Poster
Lighting ~ llorisen // aura wire hanging lamp