The Ending of a Season



Seasons come and seasons go ,

out with the old, and in with the new

change can be difficult, oh so hard

but change can be beautiful,  when you look with heart

so smile through all the changes,

the ups and downs, and the crazies

ending of a season_002.png

remember that smile changes the world,

one by one, an impact is made

so smile bright through the cycles

and leave that sunshine and sparkle

wherever you go.



Basic Info
Dress – WellMade Sian Dress
Boots – WellMade Deanie Boots

Hair – Stealthic Haven Browns
Lipstick – Booty’s Beauty Showgirl Lipstick

Eye Shadow- Rin Frosty Cane Palette @ Naughty or Nice Hunt 
Pose/Prop – Image Essentials Apple Picking @ TWE12VE


Esmeralda – A gypsy with Heart

esmerelda_012-main.png A lavender and blush painted sky , a gentle jingle of a tambourine,  the smell of the salted ocean upon a gentle breeze. These are the things that free me. These things set my soul ablaze and recharge my batteries. Connect with the world around you, run your feet or fingers thru the grass.  It okay to take a moment to inhale the good, exhale the bad.

Take time, to take time! For that moment you just let pass, you can never get back.

I absolutely adore the boho/ gypsy feeling this outfit gave me, so when I saw Image Essentials had put out a Tambourine pose set, I HAD to complete this look and relive Hunchback of Notre Dame, at least for a moment.

Esmerelda Eyes

These eyes from Zombie Suicide are so cute, they are at the Magik Event and have these adorable Lightning Bolts over the pupil – Yes PotterHead Proud  right here 😛 The have appliers to use with Catwa, Lelutka & Omega compatible eyes. They also include mesh eyes with their own HUD to choose color. 6 Options included.

Get them before the Magik ends!

Esmerelda Nails and eyes

These simple yet seasonal nails are available from Dark Passions at Trick or Treat Lane.  I adore how sweet this shape from Facet Shapes is,  young looking but not overdone.

Did I mention I categorically adore Halloween and fall?! -squeels-


Trick Or Treat Lane - Poster 2018.png





Blueberry Bette Dress Shirt – Purple


Blueberry Catrine Maxi Boho Skirt – Purple

Shape –

Facet Shapes – Greta Shape (Catwa Catya) @ WomenStuff Hunt

Eyes –

Zombie Suicide – Magik Eyes @ Magik Event


Magika Which Witch 01

Nails –

Dark Passions – Webbed Chevrons @ Trick or Treat Lane


Cae – Arden Collection

Pose –

Image Essentials – Tambourine

Landscaping –

.:Tm:. Creation – The Rock Scene @ Dubai October

Nobody’s Puppet

For a second, a brief moment in time. You held my heart, and controlled my life

But control of another unless freely given, is not love- is not a blessing

You made the rules I felt I could not break – left me feeling rage and hate

Never fear, for I was too strong . . .

You wanted a puppet, a doll, you wanted . . . someone

Someone you could manipulate,  Someone who would not hesitate

to do every little thing you demanded,

I learned to late you were heavy handed.

I’ve broken the strings, I am claiming me

You stupid boy, I’m not a puppet

and you are no Master.



Basic Info


new cursiveStealthic – Ivy @ Kustom 9

Face Scrapes

new cursiveThe Little Bat –  Face Scrapes @ AnyBody


new cursive*Tentacio* – Skeleton Sweater @ Salem


new cursiveGaia – Kustom 9 Gift


new cursive Image Essentials – The Marionette @ Mad Circus 4

Black Magick



I got a black magic woman, Got me so blind I can’t see
That she’s a black magic woman, She’s tryin’ to make a devil out of me
Don’t turn your back on me baby, Don’t turn your back on me baby
Stop messin’ round with your tricks . . . You just might pick up my magic sticks
Yes you got your spell on me baby . .  Turning my heart into stone
I need you so bad – magic woman; I can’t leave you alone




After days and days of trying to get into Black Fair I finally made it to get the cute tapestry from [QE].

The dress from 1313 Mockingbird Lane has options to wear with and without the straps, and color change red or black available at Black Fair.

I have to say, I am slowly becoming a fan of SL Ink, and once I saw this gorgeous tatt by Identity Body shop @ The Black Fair I was in love! I love the faded version and the detail is awesome.


The nails are STUNNING! One of 2 sets currently being offered by Dark Passions at The Black Fair. Time is running out, grab these before October 19th!


These rough crystal drop earrings from Zombie Suicide are so cute and right up my alley. They can be for spooky, magical, witchy themes or bohemian gypsy, summer time carefree looks. They are available at GachaLand. There are 12 common and 3 rares to collect. After 20 plays you get an adorable mouth fishie. The mouth fishie is exclusive to the event and WILL NOT be available in the mainstore after the GachaLand round ends on Halloween, October 31. So get it now . . . Soooo Cute.

The prop and pose Sorceress from Image Essentials features 6 bento poses for all your magical brewing and spell casting desires, available @ TWE12VE .


Basic Info
Hair – #Foxy Fallen Hair @ Salem
new cursiveEyes – Avi Glam Sinister Eyes – Beast @ The Dark Style Fair
new cursiveNails- Dark Passions – Wicked & Bound @ Black Fair

new cursiveNecklace – TLB Ooze Necklace @ Black Fair
new cursiveEarrings – Zombie Suicide Drop Crystal Earring Gacha – Blue Mix – RARE @ GACHALAND
new cursiveLipstick – Xxxtasi Vampire Kisses
Eye Shadow – Alma Michaela
new cursive Dress – 1313 Mockingbird Lane – Kimberly Dress @ Black Fair
new cursiveTattoo- Identity Body Shop – Countess Desire @ Black Fair

new cursivePose/ Prop – Image Essentials – The Sorceress @ TWE12VE
new cursiveTapestry (L) – [QE Home] Hanging Tapestry -Black Magic- @ Black Fair
new cursiveTapestry (R) – {zfg} home – pentacle tapestry @ Mad Circus 4
new cursivePotion Bottle – {Flair ‘n’ Style} Poison Bottle (Rezz)
Blood Bag – *Tentacio* blood bag @ FLF
Cats – KITE – Mini Rawrs – Sleeping COMMON

I hear the Church Bells #110

It was finally enough, this was the last time he would lay his hands on her.


Sitting in church she listened to the bells and prayed, slowly the plan came to her as if thru a higher power. She would be rid of the abuse and have a clear conscience in doing so.


Do you hear the church bells ringing?


Domestic violence affects many people from all walks of life. Please do not believe, this is the “last” time, because there is ALWAYS a next time and that next time could kill you! Please, If you or someone you know is in danger of abuse from their partner, significant other, etc please reach out at the National Domestic Violence Hotline or call




Head: Catwa Catya

Skin: Glam Affair Renee Jamaica

Eyes: Zombie Suicide Eastern Eyes @ Anybody May 2018

Eye makeup: Izzie’s Bruised Eyes

Choke Marks: Avada~ Choked Tattoo

Hair: Truth Opal

Ears: Mandala Steking Ears Season 5

Dress: *1313* Mockingbird Lane Roquelaure Dress – Red  @ Saturday Sale (L$75)

Shoes: KC Rhea Heels

Backdrop: GOOSE – Old bell tower facade @ Hello Tuesday

Trees: The Little Branch Weeping Honey Tree @ Hello Tuesday

Nails:  Alaskametro Classic/Shimmer

Pose: Image Essentials Fired Up


Wide Open Spaces #107

As I breathe in the fragrant scent of the sunflowers dancing upon the breeze I reflect for a moment and realize this is JUST what I need. A moment to enjoy the little, simple things. A moment unplugged from technology.  A moment to breathe.


Just a moment is all I need, in the wide open spaces of flowery fields, my soul rejuvenates and my battery is once again filled. Never let the hustle and bustle of our never slowing world drain you completely, when you are getting low take a moment for yourself. Self care is essential to a happy productive life.

Oh yeah.. here is a secret . . .  YOU ARE WORTH IT!


This top from MOoH! is absolutely adorable, it comes with a color change HUD and has tons of options. I will definitely be wearing this quite a’lot.  I wonder if SL color fades when you wash… maybe I will need to look into some SL woolite to keep the colors fresh 😛 Find this gem at the Designer Circle event until May 18th.

These crystal earrings from Zombie Suicide I absolutely adore. The swirl AND crystal both have texture options so I can mix and match to my hearts content. I love the flexibility they provide, and the fact I can wear them with all the ears I have – Swallow, Catwa, Mandala.

The pose and prop come from Image Essentials and I am in love with sunflowers because that is my SL Relay for Life team – Fighting Sunflowers; So obviously when I was this come out I just HAD to have it! I love the detail in the field and the fact when you scroll out you don’t loose detail!! This goodie is at Twe12ve!

The shape is from Facepalm and is made for the Catwa Catya head –  here I have paired it with a Maitreya body, but it should work for other bodies also. It is youthful, but not too young and features soft curves right where they should be. 😛 Exclusively available at Twe12ve!



Head // Catwa Catya

Hair // TRUTH Jacica – April 2018 VIP Gift-

Eyes // Newclan Serenity #15

Skin // Glam Affair Renee

Shape // +facepalm+ Wildfire Shape ( Catwa Catya/Maitreya) @  twe12ve

Top // MOoH! Maddy Outfit Dawn @ Designer Circle

Shorts // Blueberry Ela Shorts

Earrings //  Zombie Suicide Crystal Swirl Earrings @ FF Fair

Lipstick // Shiny Stuffs Jewel Thief

Mascara // Shiny Stuffs Catwa Essentials

Pose/Prop // Image Essentials Field of Flowers @  twe12ve

Something to talk about #102

If you do not know me,  You can’t say nothin’

If you a F – A – B, You  down for nothin’

I will stay fresh, Always be me

I will always shine, I maintain my lane

You just hatin’, oh such shade

talk about_002

I hear my name all up in your mouth

if you truly knew me though

You would realize I have so much more

much better things then you & yours

I always give ’em somethin to talk about


talk about_005



Top – Addams Isabella Boho Top

Bottoms – Chic Moda Varsity @ Cosmopolitan

Shape – Zombie Suicide Magic Bento Shape

Hair – WASABI Hibiki Hair @ FaMESHED Go

Ears – Mandala Stekking Ears Season 5

Tattoo – Letis Tattoo -Amenti – MM17012

Piercings –  (neck) Zombie Suicide Collar Bone Piercing  (nose)

Hand Jewelry – Astralia Spring Wings Hands Jewel @ FaMESHED



Head – Catwa Daniel

Body – Signature Gianni

Skin – Birth – Blaze – Tone 5

Pants – Ascend // Johnny Casual Pants

Hair – no.match ~No Cause~

Eyes – Ikon Fjord Eyes

Shape – MXHADES  Blaze @ Men Only Monthly

Watch – [Commoner] TidBit Band


Scene Info

Furniture –  MOoH! Spring Boho Gacha @ Illuminate April 18 – May 13

Pose – Image Essentials – Blood Lust  @ The Dark Side April 14 – May 5



mooh spring boho