Conjured Dreams #210

Everybody deserves a fairy tale now and again.

Let me conjure up some rainbows, unicorns, and all things girly!

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Conjured Dreams_008.png


Body | Maitreya Mesh Body
Head | CATWA Catya
Hair | Elikatira Penny ( FLF )
Eyes | Conviction Opium Eyes
Makeup | Veechi HellCat Shadow ( FLF )
Top | Miss Chelsea Cary Top Sky ( FLF )
Bottoms | Vinyl Author Denim Shorts
Pose/Sofa | Image Essentials – Crazy Cat Lady Gacha – ULTRARARE
Wall Art | QE Attractively Offensive Wall Art @ Afterglow
Unicorns| MOoH! Unicorns 2 Gacha @ Driftwood
Building | *Funky*Junk* Astoria ( FLF )
Ring | Astralia – Twin Souls ( Engagement Ring)
Navel Piercing | PUNCH Diamond Pearl
Nose Piercing | PUNCH Diamond Nose Stud                                                                              Necklace | Bowtique Candy Bear Necklace

Quiet Nights #209

Longing for their touch and caress, long-distance relationships can be difficult for all involved. It becomes more difficult when the connection is intense because you are in the BDSM/DDlg type relationship. Sub-drop is much more piercing because of the distance of not having their physical touch for aftercare or when you just need it.

It can definitely work, but it is just that work. It takes both parties and constant communication. Both have to be dedicated and open to making the effort. I am glad to say that in every way we can, my LD Daddy finds ways to stay in touch and keep me lifted. I can only hope that I am pleasing and lift him the same way.

Our daily communication through our computer screens makes the distance seem to disappear. I long for the simple nights when we have our arms around each other for real.

Simple nights_001.png

The knee scrapes from The White Crow at Afterglow are absolutely adorable. They are realistic and come in 3 levels of intensity:  Soft, Sore, Hurts. They are omega appliers and they are called  “Beg for It”.

This top from [QE] at LOADING . . .  is divine. It comes with a gorgeous HUD to change the textures and they are super endearing. Grab this before it is gone, you only have until July 29th! 


Body | Maitreya Mesh Body
Head | CATWA Catya
Hair | Fabia <Like> Gift 1
Top | [QE] Gamer Tee @ LOADING . . .
Bottoms | Just Because – Terri Panties
Knee scrapes | TWC – Beg for It @ AFTERGLOW
Pose | Image Essentials – Laptop Longing @ Ebento
Building | TDE ~ Ponyvale Estate Manor
Ring | Astralia – Twin Souls ( Engagement Ring)
Navel Piercing | PUNCH Diamond Pearl @ Mermaid Cove

Playing in the Sand #121


This sand castle is stunning, it has both Adult & PG options and is LOADED with a TON of animations for single male, single female, bento, and couples. Head on down to SaNaRae to grab it before it is gone. Just in time to end summer with a splash.


Head – Catwa Catya
Hair – Truth Scout
Eyes – New Clan Serenity Eyes
Lashes – BESOM Sweetheart Lashes
Ears – Swallow Noldor Elf Ears
Skin – Glam Affair Renee
Outfit – Mon Cheri Vegas Bikini Teal
Piercings – PUNCH Darling Hips
Sandcastle – .:Tm Creation:. 524 The SandCastle @SaNaRae
Location – Footprints in the Sand

Falling for Autumn #67

As we step ever closer to the turning of fall, the autumn equinox stirring my soul and spirit. The crispness of the wind and the leaves crunching beneath my feet. Fall is more rejuvenating to me than spring.  It is always a closure and a new beginning for me. Autumn is also my favorite season. The vividness of the colors that spring forth as the temperatures begin to plummet . . . mmmm. . .  it just takes me to a state of pure bliss… happiness… and childhood innocence.


For me, it always triggers change, so it was time for a virtual move, perhaps because of the itchy feet for my upcoming real life move in December. *giggles excitedly* Sometimes excitement just bursts thru and there is nothing you can do about it.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!!


This adorably sexy and warm crop sweater was  released by Dalriada Delwood by MOoH! for the 163rd round of Designer Circle until September 30th. There are two sweaters that you can currently get; one option is a sold colored sweater, the 2nd option is a 2 colored sweater with a adorable heart over the left boob. There are 10 different color options per HUD.


Of course I had to pair it with something as equally adorable, so I chose these astonishing leggings by Isis Zamin of Zombie Suicide! These Moon Leggings are available at Savior. There are 16 – YES SIXTEEN – color choices in this amazing omega HUD.

Just enough warmth to go with sexy *winks*



MOoH! Marcy top Solid & Duo  Dalriada Delwood  @ Designer Circle

Zombie Suicide Moon Leggings @ Savior

Body Parts

Stealthic Vapor Reds

Maitreya Lara

L’Etre Adachi  Sandy

Catwa Catya

Catwa Mesh Eyes w/ Newclan Blue #15 applier

Identity Body Shop – Deep Within



Punch Nose Ring


Euphoric Drew Eyeliner

Euphoric Superstar Lashes


hive // ranger rick’s truck RARE (Summer Camp Gacha)

Studio Skye Enchanted Woods v2 – 4 (clearing)

What do you see in Heart Shaped Glasses? #66

A girl has needs, she thought to herself silently.

Sometimes pure and innocent and sometimes naughty!

What kind of evening would today be?

The possibilities were endless, and just in case,

she was bringing her heart shaped glasses!

This cute lip applier is from Zombie Suicide

as part of the Heart Shaped Glasses hunt.

You will find it in her main store location,

look for a pair of heart shaped glasses.

Remember it could be *anywhere*.

It comes with two options red and black

for omega, catwa and lelutka heads as well as system layers!


Hair-  Truth Anouk variety
Skin-  GA Gio India
Eyes- Catwa w/ Newclan Applier Blue  #15
Nose Piercing-    Punch  Diamond Nose Stud
Lip Piercing-  Code 5 Elonore
LipStick-  ZS MM Lip collection
Eyeshadow- ZS Hunter Shadows Purple

Spank Me, please?! #57


Even good girls can be a little naughty.

Won’t you spank me and teach me a lesson?


This Gorgeous necklace is part of a set that comes with

the necklace and a set of earrings.

It comes with an awesome color-change HUD.

It is available only at Coven from Aug 3 – Aug 24.



Hair: Truth XIA

Body: Maitreya Lara

Head: Catwa Catya

Eyes: Catwa Mesh Eyes & Tears w/ Newclan Applier #15

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins– Kat- Taupe

Tattoo: Identity Body Shop – Deep Within

Top: Blueberry Group Gift Lace Tops

Bottoms: Blueberry Lana Rolled Shorts

♕  Necklace: Z.S  Protection Necklace @ Coven August 

Navel Piercing: Misha Jesuli Belly Ring Dreamcatcher

Nose Piercing: PUNCH Nose Ring


floorplan. neon spank me

Pose: [DB]Poses – hollow

Tempted to Touch #56

Summer is the time for long days on the beach sitting in the sun.

Show off your awesome beach body & make everyone drool just a little.

Make them tempted to touch.

This bikini is only L$125!

With 24 color options!


Hair: Truth Elira
Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Kat – Walnut
Head: Catwa Catya
Eyes: Catwa Mesh Eyes & Tears w/ Newclan Applier
Outfit: MOoH! Terri Bikini – Bold @ The Aloha Fair July 28- Aug 10
Hip Piercings: PUNCH / Darling / Hips
Nose Piercing: PUNCH / Nose Ring R
Navel Piercing: Misha Jesuil ~ Belly Ring Dreamcatcher
Tattoo: Identity – Deep Within
Nails: Alaskametro Classics Shimmer Nail Polish Appliers
Ring: Misha Jesuil  Infinity Bento Ring

Backdrop:  Focus Poses Beach Backdrop
Pose: DB Poses Babygirl

Oh these Summer Days #52


The tans may slowly fade,

but the memories made will last forever!

 This adorably sexy swimsuit is available inworld at the Lucky Night mainstore.


Hair: Truth//scout//selection

Eyes: ikon immortal eyes//emperor

Skin: 7 deadly skins//kat//

Body: maitreya lara 4.0

Head: catwa//jessica

Outfit: lucky night// noelle swimsuit//black

Piercing: punch//nose ring

Backdrop: astrailia// summer backdrop @ n21

Pose: Exposure//adorably awkwardd

Honesty #51

You say You want Honesty…  but is that way you want for real
I gave you what You said You wanted  now i am recovering, still trying to heal
How can You say You want honesty  but when i give it i get shot down
smacked around, Your words so harsh  cut deeper then the sharpest knife
I’m bleeding so fast only inside  you can no longer see my tears
I hide them from Your face I no longer trust You to help me face these fears
You hurt me more then You guide  you make me fall when You should make me fly
now i am crumbling dying inside  You’ve made me weak, motionless
i am useless again… i thought You  were the happy ending, the One i could trust
but asking for honesty… i guess it proved bust  You don’t want Honesty, You want a puppet
well i wont be the little girl, sitting in the closet acting as if she has no voice
i am about to walk away.. this is my honest choice  say You want honesty, prove it to me
don’t let me leave, make me want to stay
(c) 2013



* * * * * CREDITS * * * * *

Hair: EXxEsS – Vedma A
Eyes: Ikon Immortal Eyes – Emperor
Head: Catwa – Jessica
Skin: 7 Deadly S{k}ins – Kat
Body: Maitreya Lara v4.1
Lipstick:  Livia Lori Lipstick
Piercing: PUNCH Nose Ring
Necklace: Zombie Suicide Secrets Necklace @ July Darkness Chamber
Top: +fcc+ Brutal Honesty @ July Darkness Monthly 
Pants: Blueberry – Gracie
Nail Polish: Dark Passions/Koffin Nails – Hope in Purple

Sunflowers: Botanical – Sunflower Row of 4

Sinfully Delicious #50

Even a girl has to hustle and stack that paper. Saving for a rainy day. Scrooge McDuck knew the high life.

Swimming in money IS REALLY FUN!


Beached Bunny Hunt runs from  Jul 3 – Jul 31

Click HERE for more information

Totally Top Shelf runs Jul 5- Jul 26

Click HERE to TP


Z.S. Love Me Necklace @ Beached Bunny Hunt
Z.S. String Underoos -Colors- @ Totally Top Shelf 99L$
erratic – valentina lingerie- rose
DP –Koffin Nails– Feather Flair
Alaskametro – Chloe Eyeshadow – Funfetti
Amacci Star Eyes Ultra 1
7 Deadly S{k}ins – Kat
Moon. Anatra (LuxeBox Feb 2017)
[Since1975]-Garter’s Gacha – Naughty (R) RARE @ Gacha Garden May 2017

Pose- CS Deadly SIn
NBN Huge Floor Pillow  * LINUS*